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1981.   Graduate in Advertising Design.

1980 - 83. Studies of watercolours with José Luis Cano.

Portrait and Academic drawing with Alejandro Cañada.

1983. Studies about "Children's plastic language" with Professor Eugenio Estrada. University of Zaragoza. Institute of Research.

1980 - 84. Beginnig of her pedagogic career ,imparting courses of: Children's plastic expression , at “Doctor Azúa” state school. Zaragoza.

1984. Higher studies of photography and image at Spectrum gallery. Zaragoza.

1984 - 89. Studies about "Visual Perception, colour dynamics and Gestalt theory of the shape" , directed by Professor César López Osornio. Barcelona.

During these years, she was a parto f the group: “LIVING ART” (ARTE VIVO).

1986 - 87. She receives a grant from the Regional Government of Zaragoza, to continue with her studies on visual perception with César López Osornio , in Barcelona.

1989. She participates as  César López Osornio 's assistant , in the courses of visual perception and Gestalt theory of the shape , The ambiguity of the Gestalt .

University of Zaragoza. Master's degree in Applied Social Studies.

1991 - 93. She Works in the summer courses July - August. “Education through Art”.

Cultural Centre Rishi. Palermo, in Sicily (Italy).

1993 - 94. Visit to Argentina collaborating in cultural exchanges:

Salta, Córdoba, San Miguel of Tucumán.

Jardín de Infantes (Loncopué) Neuquen.

Community of the Mapuche Indians. (Loncopué) Neuquen.

Course on “ The colour ”, for adults. State school Neuquen.

1995. Collaboration with Cesar López Osornio, too, in the postgraduate course in Naturist Medicine :Art as the health/welfare and therapy of the human condition. (Faculty of Medicine of Zaragoza).

1996. Course about The colour at the Félix de Azara High School(Zaragoza) directed to organizers of the PIEE .

1996 ,1999, 2002, 2005, 2007. She imparts workshops about Children's evolutive drawing and creative activity , Women's House (Zaragoza).

1999. She imparts 2 workshops , one of them for adults , Meeting with colour" ,and another one for children and parents, Children's evolutive drawing" . Cultural Centre Rishi. Palermo. Sicily (Italy).

2002. Summer workshop How to develop our creativity. Organized by Aceant Association. Zaragoza.

2005. She travels to Mumbay and Kanyakumari, southern India to make a video documentary: Sapne "Dreams" as a production assistant and still photographer. Finalist "Canal plus Award" .

2003 - 08. She Works as a speaker in the extraordinary courses at summer university. Jaca (Huesca). Education and Health.

Musicotherapy - Arttherapy.


" Painting as a Therapy ".

" Therapy in Art ".

" Expression in the mature years”. Painting as a way of knowledge ".

" Expression in the mature years. Alzheimer,  senile dementia ".

"The meeting point between: About children's expression and contemporary art ".

" Expressiveness as language, Art and Therapy ".

2004-08. She works as a speaker and makes workshops, in the extraordinary courses of the summer university,education and health . "Maternity Ethical, social and emotional". Jaca. Huesca.


"Women and Art".

"Therapy in Art".

"The search of balance through Art".

"Children's expresión through the language of modelling".

"Creativity and the language of modelling ".

2005.  Workshop: Expresión in the childhood. En la Fundación Santa María de Albarracín (Teruel). VI Encuentros Literarios. “Cuéntame la vida”.

2006.  Workshop: La expresión en la Infancia.  En la Association Santa María Albarracín (Teruel). VII Literary Congress.

2004 – 08.  She directs the painting workshop Children express themselves   in the project which she makes together with Mª Jesús Blázquez, Professor inBiology:  Babies and cubs . UIT the support of: Vía Láctea, Unicef and the Government of Aragon.

2002 – 2008.   She gives lessons in Creative Painting. Civic Centre Villanueva de Gallego. Zaragoza.

- Course for children: The evolutive development of the child from scribbling to adolescence” .  

- Course for adults: Colour and expression, in the mature years.